Special Touch Massage

Special Touch offers a range of therapeutic massage treatments that will soothe soreness, release muscle tension, reduce stress and your body will feel re-balanced.

Aromatherapy Massage

A gentle massage that induces a deep state of relaxation. Discover the added therapeutic and relaxing effects of our 100% essential oils.

25 minutes Back/Neck/Shoulders $35.00
1 Hour Full Body Massage $60.00

Swedish Body Massage

Relax and ease away your muscular tension. Help your body recover from the fatigue and stress of your daily routine. Improved arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation, also aids in the removal of toxins and waste from your body.

25 minutes Back/Neck/Shoulders $35.00
1 Hour Full Body Massage $60.00

Hot Stone Massage

Blissful head-to-toe treatment with hot volcanic stones. These smooth, heated stones bring relief to tense muscles and sore joints, caressing and massaging with a gentle warm sensation. Enquire about our special deals.

1 Hour Full Body Massage $85.00

Lava Bambu® Hot Massage

Lava Bambū™ is the world’s first naturally self-heating bamboo massage tool designed to allow an amazing massage treatment.  Lava Bambū™ massage is a technique that not only makes use of a renewable and sustainable resource, but also connects us to ancient approaches.
Made with 100% authentic Black Natural and Speckled Bamboo, each stalk is sustainably harvested in South China for its unique combination of strength and flexibility, creating a beautiful implement for deep and effective massage therapy.

Lava Bambū™ massage is advantageous in promoting circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic draining while providing a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

1 Hour Full Body Massage $85.00

Special Offer

Book a Hot Stone and Lava Bambu Massage for yourself – only $140. Normally $170.