Spectra Colour Capsule

Spectra Colour Capsule

Special Touch has the ONLY Spectra Colour Spa system in New Zealand, a vibratory massage capsule using dry heat sauna that bathe your skin in hydration. It uses light therapy to aid in seasonal affective disorders and assists in many other health issues. Ideally you want to have regular sessions in the capsule to maximise the effectiveness.
Special Touch offers a loyalty programme for the therapeutic capsule – pay for five sessions and receive your sixth FREE!

Color Light Therapy

This therapeutic capsule provides you with your own personal sanctuary to bathe your senses with light, heat, sound/music, aromatherapy and massage.

How does it work?

Spectra Colour provides many treatments and benefits that will help you to improve your health, balance your mind, body and spirit. You can wear your swimsuit in the capsule.

The scientific application of Colour introduces natural energy into the body that helps to cleanse, repair, and heal.

Exposure to full spectrum light is an excellent way to lift your mood and enhance the balance and harmony of your body’s own bio-rhyme or light therapy is personalized for your needs. There are ten settings that are used each one targets your problem areas.

1. Colour bath Reduces stress, depression, sleep disorders and insomnia
2. High Heat Helps sore muscles, stiff necks, painful joints and sports injuries
3. Sunshine Aids in vitamin D deficiency and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
4. Health Cleansing both internally and externally for skin and body
5. Cleansing Promotes metabolic stimulation and weight loss
6. Body Wraps Burns calories, reduces water retention, promotes detoxification
7. Energy Aids in low vitality, lethargy and sluggish metabolism
8. Skin Care Beautifies skin and complexion
9. Meditation Reduces stress and anxiety, promotes calmness and wellbeing
10. Customised To suit your individual ailment